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Important Notice

As of July 30th 2015, "Ann-Kate" website will be closing and merging with "SurveyOn" website owned by Research Panel Asia a group company of Borders Asia Market Insight Pte. Ltd.

“SurveyOn” works the same way like “Ann-Kate” and offers more incentive options for its members. At SurveyOn, you can still do surveys and earn points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange for items which you desire, which still awards you for your efforts.

SurveyOn URL

Research Panel Asia :

[Ann-Kate] Transfer of business and change in operating company

All of your current points will be transferred to SurveyOn points together with registered information.

If you are already member of SurveyOn: Your Ann-Kate points will be added to your current SurveyOn points if you are using the same email address in both websites.

Points exchange in Ann-Kate will be only available until July 22nd 2015.

Thank you for your support


About "Ann and Kate"

After registering with "Ann and Kate", you can start earning points by answering surveys, which can be exchanged for product vouchers. Points earned will depend on the length and the content of survey.

Points can be exchanged for product vouchers / Paypal (with 500 points being the minimum for redemption).

  • What is "Ann and Kate"?
  • Exchanging points

Survey types

"Ann and Kate" provides you the gateway to participate in diverse range of surveys. Dig on the topics you most like and earn your points.

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How to answer

After you receive a survey request via registered email, access the Member Page and start answering surveys.

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News & Topics


Beware of scammers!

It has been brought to our attention that several of our members have reported that a scammer is out there asking members to transfer money to the scammer


Point redemption

Dear Members,

The point exchange issue is now fixed. Please login and proceed to redeem your points. For more details on our redemption system, please visit

Ann-Kate Customer Service


Dear Members

Dear Members,

We are experiencing a technical issue with the points exchange system. Please do not exchange your points for the moment and we will let you know once the points exchange system is running again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ann-Kate Customer Service


The survey shows a THANK YOU page immediately when I click on “RESPOND”

If it is a survey starting with “SS....” This means it is being sent directly from our partner company. They usually have shorter expiry periods as they will close as soon as the number of required responses are met. That is why you will see a THANK YOU page immediately, which stops you from answering the survey. Nevertheless, this arrangement increases the number of survey opportunities that we bring to you. It is advisable that you attempt the NEW survey as soon you receive the FIRST email notification. We seek your understanding and patience in this matter. Thank you!

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