New member registration

step1 Check over the important information, and agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Before registering with us.

"Ann and Kate" is a service provided by Borders, Inc.

Registration with "Ann and Kate" is free. Before registering as a new member to participate in our surveys, we ask that you read and understand the following important information.

Procedures leading up to registration

To register as a member, you must first read and agree to the Member Terms and Conditions, then enter all the necessary information. Once you have fully completed the member registration process, we will send a confirmation email to your registered email address. You must then click on the URL provided in the email to finalize your registration.

step1 注意事項の確認、モニター規約に同意

Important information about member registration

  • - Before registering, please make sure you thoroughly read and agree to the Member Terms and Conditions.
  • - We ask that those working at market research companies or advertising agencies refrain from registering to our service.
  • - Member registration is only for Singapore residents.
  • - We kindly ask you to register only for yourself and avoid having multiple accounts.
  • - Please be aware that on occasion, we may call you by telephone to verify your identity.

The purpose of surveys

  • - The surveys you answer are subsequently subjected to statistical analysis, and are used as important analysis data by companies and media outlets for the purposes of marketing and product development.
  • - We absolutely do not ever provide identifiable personal data to our client companies or media outlets unless your prior consent is obtained during the survey. After you have completed a survey, this will never trigger any sales or other kind of commercial offer from external companies.

Please read below and click on the button after agreeing to the Member Terms and Conditions.

Member Terms and Conditions

These are the "Ann and Kate" Panelist Terms and Conditions. Everyone recruited as a survey panelist should be sure to read these thoroughly. If you register as a panelist, you must first agree with these Terms and Conditions.

Article 1 General Regulations
1. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to outline the provisions for the relationship of rights and obligations existing between Borders, Inc. and those panelists whose registration has been approved by Borders, Inc. (as outlined In Article 2), with regard to the "Ann and Kate" survey business services operated by Borders, Inc. (below, "these Services").
2. In order for Borders, Inc. to conduct these surveys for the clients of Borders, Inc., these Services are conducted by various means: sending survey request emails directly to panelists, establishing pages for surveys on the WWW site operated by Borders, Inc. (below, "this Website"), responses submitted by panelists for the relevant surveys, and collation and analysis of these responses by Borders, Inc.
3. The various regulations notifying the relevant panelists of revisions, changes, and amendments (via any means judged appropriate by Borders, Inc.) shall constitute part of these Terms and Conditions, and panelists shall agree to and shall observe these terms and conditions.
4. Borders, Inc. may at any time change these Terms and Services or any of its various regulations without obtaining advance approval from panelists.
5. If any discrepancy with these Terms and Conditions is found in the regulations governing the handling of private information posted on this Website, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall take priority.
Article 2 Panelists
1. The term "Panelists" as used in these Terms and Conditions shall mean any person who has agreed to these Terms and Conditions, has completed panelist registration procedures, and whose registration has been approved by Borders, Inc. Furthermore, registration by proxy or multiple registrations by the same individual (duplicate registrations) are absolutely not permitted.
2 In the event that Borders, Inc. does not approve a panelist's registration, even for persons who have completed registration procedures as outlined in the previous paragraph, this person's registration shall not be considered approved. Moreover, even after approval, this approval may be withdrawn in some cases.
3. Those who are not full legal adults (under the age of 20 years) or who are adults under legal guardianship or who require legal protection or care should obtain the approval of a legal proxy, such as a family member, or their legal guardian or protector. Additionally, those under the age of 15 years may not register as a panelist.
Article 3 Management of panelist ID and password
1. The management of IDs (email addresses) and passwords set personally by the panelist during registration is entirely the responsibility of the panelist. These must not be used by any person other than the panelist.
2. Panelists are absolutely not permitted to transfer, give away, sell, or change the name of their panelist ID (email address) or password.
3. Borders, Inc. bears absolutely no responsibility for any oversights arising in the course of use of panelist IDs (email addresses) or passwords, or any damages arising from their use by third parties.
Article 4 Registration information
1. All information declared by panelists during panelist registration (below, "registration information") shall belong to Borders, Inc.
2. Panelists are prohibited from making false declarations of any items of registration information.
3. In the event of any changes to a panelist's address, telephone number, or other registration information, that panelist must promptly follow the update procedures specified by Borders, Inc.
4. When it judges necessary, Borders, Inc. may conduct confirmation of the details of any panelists registration information by telephone, email, or any other method.
5. With the exception of information which might specifically identify an individual panelist (name, address telephone number, email address etc.), Borders, Inc. may disclose any registered panelist information to a third party without that individual's approval. However, before disclosing any information which might specifically identify an individual, Borders, Inc. will absolutely seek the approval of that individual panelist, and in any event shall not use this information except to provide it to survey request clients etc.
6. After panelist registration, panelists bear all responsibility for conducting regular update procedures within the period specified by Borders, Inc. for update of registration information.
7. In the event that a panelist requests termination of usage of registered information following the procedures designated by Borders, Inc., after this request Borders, Inc. shall not use this panelist's registered information, and shall not disclose it to any third parties.
8. For any complaints or further discussion regarding registration information, please contact the Personal Information Inquiry Service listed below.
Article 5 Prohibited behavior for panelists
Panelists shall not engage in the following behavior, and shall not act such to cause suspicion of the following behavior. If a panelist engages in any of the following prohibited behaviors, Borders, Inc. may delete the relevant user account, and additionally may prohibit any future usage.
  • a. Behavior contrary to public morals, or which may be considered a harmful influence on minors.
  • b. Behavior in violation of laws.
  • c. Behavior that violates the copyright of another panelist or any third party.
  • d. Behavior that defames, libels, or slanders another panelist or any third party.
  • e. Behavior that causes detriment to the interests of another panelist or any third party.
  • f. Behavior connected to political election movements or similar, or any behavior in violation of laws such as the Public Offices Election Act.
  • g. Behavior that hinders the operation of these Services.
  • h. Behavior constituting false registration or survey responses.
  • i. Sales or other business behavior not approved by Borders, Inc.
  • j. Behavior placing an exceptional load upon the server or the network.
  • k. Any other behavior judged by Borders, Inc. to be inappropriate.
Article 6 Deleting registration details
If there is some change in panelist registration information, members should quickly undertake the relevant amendment procedures.
In the case that a panelist wishes his or her registered information to be deleted, Borders, Inc. shall not hinder this process.
Article 7 Sending and receiving emails
1. When exchanging (sending or receiving) emails with Borders, Inc. as a panelist, panelists shall use the email address declared as registration information.
2. Borders, Inc. bears absolutely no responsibility for any detriment or damages to a panelist arising from sending or receiving emails using an email address that differs from the registered address.
Article 8 Intellectual property rights for survey response content
1. Intellectual property rights (copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility design rights, trademark rights, etc.) for any content provided by panelists in response to surveys conducted on the basis of these Services shall belong entirely to Borders, Inc., and Borders, Inc. retains the rights to freely select, amend, or edit these survey responses. Moreover, panelists shall not exercise any moral rights of the author for the intellectual property rights in question with regard to Borders, Inc. or any third parties.
2. Borders, Inc., its clients, or any parties designated by these may use the responses submitted by panelists to surveys conducted on the basis of these Services, and may freely disclose these without personal permission from the panelist. Additionally, the handling of registration information is covered by the provisions of Article 4.
Article 9 Remuneration for survey responses
Borders, Inc. has made available the following remuneration for panelists who participate and cooperate with surveys etc.
  • Points which can be exchanged for rewards, in response to questionnaire surveys.
  • Monetary remuneration in accordance with any conditions designated by the client (event convener), in the case of Discussion Session participants.
  • Other rewards promised in accordance with any separate conditions designated by the client (event convener).
Article 10 Points
1. As remuneration for responses to surveys, Borders, Inc. shall issue the designated points to panelists in correspondence with their efforts.
2. Points shall be managed by Borders, Inc., and at request of the panelist, may be exchanged for those rewards provided by Borders, Inc. which are available at that time.
3. Points are only valid for the panelist for whom they have been issued, and may not be transferred or sold to other panelist. Additionally, points from multiple panelists may not be combined to exchange for rewards.
4. If any response fields are left blank, or if responses are judged as clearly untrue or inappropriate, at the discretion of Borders, Inc. points may not be issued.
5. Following the provisions of Article 12 of these Terms and Conditions, after Borders, Inc. terminates the membership of a panelist, that panelist may lose all right to any points once possessed, at the discretion of Borders, Inc.
Article 11 Panelists' obligation of confidentiality
1. Regardless whether a panelist responds to a survey request or not, that panelist is obliged to maintain confidentiality with regard to any information obtained through that survey.
2. The "obligation of confidentiality" outlined here shall mean an obligation absolutely never to disclose any survey response content to a third party (other than Borders, Inc. or the panelist in question), as well as the details of any survey questions or other information obtained through the survey. Additionally, this obligation shall include but not be limited to an obligation prohibiting release of any text data, image data or any other kind of data used by the survey question HTML files to a third party (other than Borders, Inc. or the panelist in question) by any means or method, as well as an obligation to never use or transfer these for any purpose other than responding to surveys.
Article 12 Deletion of registration
1. Borders, Inc. may, regardless of panelist approval, decide to delete panelist registration in any of the following cases.
  • Illicit use of panelist ID (email address) or password by a panelist
  • Illicit use of these Services for any purpose other than commercial enterprise
  • Any other behavior by a panelist in violation of these Terms and Conditions
  • Failure by a panelist to respond to contact from Borders, Inc. within a certain time period
  • Any other cases considered appropriate by Borders, Inc.
2. In the event that panelist registration is deleted according to the provisions of paragraph 1, that panelist shall lose all rights possessed in association with these Services.
Article 13 Canceling registration
In the event that a panelist wishes his or her own panelist registration cancelled, that panelist should apply to Borders, Inc. following the designated procedures. When an application for registration cancellation is received from a panelist , Borders, Inc. shall conduct withdrawal procedures for that panelist and shall cancel that panelist's registration.
Article 14 Changes or suspension of details of service
1. Borders, Inc. may at any time, without advance notification and regardless of approval from panelists, change the details of its services, either in whole or in part, or may suspend its services, either in whole or in part.
2. Borders, Inc. bears absolutely no responsibility for any detriment or damages to panelists arising due to changes or suspension of services based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
Article 15 Agreed court of exclusive jurisdiction
Borders, Inc. and its panelists agree that if any dispute arises between Borders, Inc. and a panelist in regard to these Terms and Conditions, the dispute shall be resolved by the First Tokyo District Court as the agreed court of exclusive jurisdiction.
These Terms and Conditions are effective from January 1, 2013.